Death Valley is so Hot!

Hi, folks!  For research on a very fun story, I recently took a road trip with the family to Death Valley, the hottest place on earth, having reached a record 134 degrees in 1913. Happily, the hotel had air conditioning. The picture above is the evidence. Bad Water is the lowest point on earth, at … Read more

A Better World (S&S April, 2024)

A BETTER WORLD (S&S, April, 2023). I love this cover so much!!! In other fantastic news, Canelo Books announced that it’s starting a new horror imprint. It will be publishing from my backlist and I’m very, very excited. More on that to come. The books will be out and in bookstores soon, possibly before the … Read more

My Favorite Books, not all from 2022 –

In 2022 I kept a private journal of everything I read—about 55 books. As a writer, it’s my job to support other writers. It’s not my job to act as critic. I get mad when crap books get all the attention. I get despondent when great books are ignored. But publicly, I only ever say … Read more

I Love Science!

I like to imagine myself as tough, and in many ways, I am. Unhappily, this is not the case for my physical health, and never has been. I get sick when no one else gets sick, and it lasts longer. Every respiratory infection sticks to my lungs like they’re twin bowls of GLUE. I have … Read more


I’ve lost the ability to update my own events, or apparently run my website, or forward things to my able and saintly webmaster. Some people are good at multi-taking. Others are not. On that note– I’ll be signing paperbacks at Dark Delicacies in Burbank today at 3pm PST! Stop by, or order a personalized copy … Read more

Today I’m angry.

Some years ago, the FBI got in contact with me because I’d been put on an ISIS hit list. Apparently, this was a terror tactic. Large lists of American names were released online by foreign terrorists, and then the FBI was legally obliged to track us down and let us know. The woman I spoke … Read more