Illustration by Hayden Williams

Cover of Audrey's Door, a Novel by Sarah Langan

Out of print! But I’ve got copies, so contact me if you’re in the market.

Audrey’s Door Trailer:


Smart, driver Audrey Lucas thought she’d left the past behind her. Then she moved into Apartment 14B. It’s not the man playing piano across the way, that keeps her up at night. And it’s not 14B’s former resident, who murdered her four children, that haunts her dreams. It’s 14B. Where the past always catches up, and every door leads to the same, hellish place.

Praise for Audrey’s Door:

“Sarah Langan is an audaciously terrifying storyteller, and Audrey’s Door practically hums with frantic energy and hair-raising tension.”

—New York Times bestselling author Tess Gerritsen

“Langan’s idiosyncratic blending of supernatural horror and character-driven, psychological insight proves captivating and pleasurably bone-chilling.”

— Booklist