Into the Labyrinth #2

Hi, folks! This one’ll be quick.

First– friends, family, and fans– thank you for signing up. I appreciate it.

I’m glad you’re here.  I just finished reading Isabel Allende’s HOUSE OF SPIRITS. It’s great, and reminded me a lot of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s 100 YEARS OF SOLITUDE. I bookmarked a passage I thought was brilliant and had planned to transcribe for you all, but then I transcribed it and thought: meh. You’ll be okay without a long thing on the workers of the world and wage slavery. We’re good!

I’m right now reading OUT THERE, a collection of stories by Kate Folk, published last year and it’s great.

Some events on the horizon —  hope you can make them!
April 9 6pm – A BETTER WORLD launches at Dark Delicacies in Burbank
April 10 – A BETTER WORLD event at Village Books in Culver City
April 14, noon – A BETTER WORLD, in conversation with Hilarie Burton in Rhinebeck, NY via Oblong Books, More info to come
April 16, 6-7pm – A BETTER WORLD, in conversation with Victor LaValle at Mysterious Bookshop in NYC.  

I’d love to tour all the other places, so if you’re a librarian or bookstore owner, let me know!

The Good Reads giveaway is still happening. You can sign up here for your galley.
NetGalley is also still open for reviewers and press.
Good Neighbors is cheap all month on Kindle! 

Having just rehabilitated my garage office after it flooded last year, it flooded again! Maybe drywall is not for me. I do not deserve drywall.

In other news, I have a giveaway contest coming up. There’s a mythological creature in A BETTER WORLD, and from my kid Clementine’s drawing, I had it made into a stuffy. As soon as those stuffies come in, I’ll post pictures. It’s a cute, weird, little guy.

I had intended to do my taxes and learn how to make this newsletter pretty last week. As you can see, I failed. Instead, I wrote another 6,000 word short story called “I Miss You Too Much.” At this rate of procrastination, I’ll be writing three novels a year just to avoid watching online tutorials.

Until next week, stay dry!






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